Please Help.

Israel is in a state of war. please help thousands of people who have lost their homes.

Galgal Hozer, founded by Orot Shel Chesed, has been operating in Netivot and the Gaza Envelope for over 20 years.
The association supports and assists the needy on a daily basis in all that is required and all that this implies.

The association engraves on its banner educational values and works to educate the proper economic conduct of the families, conduct workshops on proper nutrition as well as to strengthen volunteering among the youth in the city while integrating special populations.
We work to provide equal opportunities in education and provide subsidies for diagnoses, private lessons and treatments for students with special needs.

The CEO and the entire management of the association, act out of good will, without compensation and without payment.

Some numbers

מתנדבים בחודש
סלי מזון שמחולקים בשנה
משכורות להנהלת העמותה

What do we do at the organization?